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Hello all and welcome to my blog where I am going to be documenting my next adventure of running the 2019 Chicago Marathon! My hope is to share my progress along the way, share my joy for running, and also share my journey that has led up to this point. This will be my second marathon. I ran my first marathon, the Derby Marathon in Louisville, Kentucky, last April as a way to celebrate all of the healthy changes I had made in my life. In the year and a half prior to training for the marathon, I lost 150 pounds by walking, running, and completely changing my eating habits. It has truly been a crazy journey, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I have learned so much about myself throughout the entire process. I have a completely different lifestyle that I love, and I feel absolutely fantastic. So, when the opportunity arose to run the Chicago Marathon, I knew I had to do it because of the fantastic charity I hope to support in the process. Running my first marathon was something I did for myself to celebrate my journey, and it was truly both one of the hardest and greatest things I had ever done. Crossing that finish line was both the worst and greatest feeling ever! I felt so much love and support from so many people and truly enjoyed sharing the experience with my students the whole way. However, I am so excited about this next chapter because I truly believe in the mission of Action for Healthy Kids. As a teacher, I of course have a passion for helping children, and I see how apparent the need for health education is. A donation to Action for Healthy Kids supports grants for schools that allows students to eat a healthy breakfast, promote fun activities, and educate both parents and children on healthy lifestyle choices. From first-hand experience, I know the effect that a healthy lifestyle can have not only on your body, but more importantly, your mind. I am honored to run for a charity whose mission is to improve the lives and learning capabilities of children for the long term. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful charity.

My donation page: https://donate.actionforhealthykids.org/fundraiser/2155691

Check out all the amazing things Action for Healthy Kids does here: http://www.actionforhealthykids.org/index.php

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Former couch potato who decided to make some healthy lifestyle changes and in the process has lost 150 pounds, decided to eat a plant based diet, became a runner, and is now training for a marathon. I am also a teacher, avid reader, traveler, and movie nerd.

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